Our Strength

# Flexibility:

Flexible SOP and customer friendly pricing policy, production and planning.  Our price-quality relation is outstanding.

# Order Handling:

Professional Merchandising, QA and Production team ensures smooth order handling from development to Free on board.

# Source of Material:

We have well established supplier base from local and international especially from far-east and other Asian countries. This facilitates better supply chain management thus ensures smooth flow of quality materials on a shorter lead time.

We also support the related local industries in its growing areas to catalyst in our local economy.

# Quality control system:

Our stringent Quality Control procedure covers the entire manufacturing procedures, from the time of raw material receiving right up to the finished products. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the level of defects to Zero and we have done this very successfully, thus promoting the ZERO defects concept.

# Sampling and Developments:

Designing and sample making is carried out by the highly skilled personnel working on a CAD. The systematic planning and prompt process of the creative blueprint into actual sample, helps to meet sample deadlines.

# Creative Design Center:

Creativity is a characteristics attribute of human being. At FSL, we have it in abundance and use it generously, especially in our design department.

“Creative Design Center” as we call it is a powerful tool that starts with big ideas and concludes as masterpiece.

# Product Diversification:

 To coup up with the world wide fast growing fashion trend, lately we realized it is necessarily import area to  jump over the different product lines covering formals and casuals in men’s, ladies and Kid’s wear thus we deliver a wide range of Lady’s, Men’s and Children’s wear, such as Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, Piney, Dungaree etc.

Our strength is the handling of print, embroidery and even the casual washing of garments.

Our wet processing team is capable of creating distinctive and innovative washes that adds more value to the finished garments.

Washes can handle –

* Every light wash

* Enzyme/ bio Wash

* Bleach (Light and heavy Bleach)

* Over dye on both Solid and Yarn dyed fabric (Pigment dye, cold dye, Oil dye, Spray dye, reactive dye, direct dye, tie dye, etc)

* Rubber Ball wash

* Towel bleach wash

* Stone Wash

# Fabrics can handle:

A vast range of light weight fabric can be handled by our expert production and quality management team.

We are the first choice by any brands/ retailers to produce on cotton, Polyester, Linen, viscose, chiffon, Denim, chambray, Oxford, Polyester lace fabric and cotton/ polyester embroidered fabric, etc.

A dedicated team is working through China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Pakistan and Bangladesh to source different collections of fabric on buyer’s needs covering various fabric EXPO in China and Paris.

# Customer Service:

Beside the products the next most important thing is the Service we provide to our clients. We go out of the way and make sure they are not just the happy but totally satisfied.